I found a better way to create the MPV file:

extract_mpeg2 project.mpeg > project.mpv

Then copy project.mpv to /video/vie/project/.

I was still getting the “frames per second” error. This turned out to be an error in the source code in xste-3.2.5/video.c line 161:

if ( video_file_fps != dframes_per_second )

will fail due to approximate representations of floating pointnumbers. I changed the code to:

if ( fabs(video_file_fps - dframes_per_second) >= 0.001 )

That fixed the error message, but I still didn’t have preview video. Then I got this error on stdout: xste: preview_display(): video size 720 x 480 not equal selected display size 720 x 576. After screwing around with mpeg utilities to convert my video to 720×576, I hit myself in the head and changed vert size to 480 on the xste main screen. I clicked on another subtitle line and the video was there! I tried different lines and it updated the subtitles but not the video. That’s when I noticed this error on stdout:
mpeg3video_seek: frame accurate seeking without a table of contents is no longer supported. Use mpeg3toc <mpeg file> <table of contents> to generate a table of contents and load the table of contents instead.

So in /video/vie/project:

mpeg3toc project.mpv project-toc.mpv

and load project-toc.mpv when the preview video button asks for the mpv file.

Now to add subtitles to my video. The Output button on the xste main window creates ~/.subtitles/project/project.sub.

From the ~/.subtitles/project directory:

submux-dvd -P /mnt/edit/project/project.mpeg project.sub /mnt/edit/project/project-sub.mpeg
You have to do this from the directory where you ran xste because the paths to the bmp files are stored in project.sub as relative, not absolute.

From /mnt/edit/project, edit your DVD XML file and change the name of the MPEG file to the new MPEG+Subtitles file you just created. Then create your DVD files:

rm -rf dvd; dvdauthor -o dvd -x project.xml

Play the new dvd directory with

Ogle: ogle dvd/VIDEO_TS

or MPlayer: mplayer -sid 0 dvd/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB

or Xine: xine -u 0 dvd/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB