Editing MPEG Video from TiVo

Once the video is downloaded from the TiVo and converted to from TiVo to MPEG format, you can edit out parts you don’t want with a simple MPEG-2 video editor called GOPDIT. Also see gopchop (on which GOPDIT is based) if GOPDIT makes poor transitions between video cuts.

This will leave you with a 480×480 MPEG, which isn’t usable for DVDs; they need 720×480 (for NTSC in the US). To convert the MPEG for NTSC DVD output, I tried avidemux using their
documentation on how to create a DVD with avidemux, but the picture was a little choppy and the sound was out of sync. My wife thought this was funny. (I wasn’t so amused.)

I got some instructions from a videohelp.com forum that worked better:

ffmpeg -i tivoshow.mpg -target ntsc-dvd tivoshow.vob

You can make a DVD with the output .vob file using
any2dvd (requires soundstretch) or use dvdauthor directly. See “Creating the DVD structure” in this Linux.com article