More Jennings Ubuntu 14.04 Set Up

Install the Lexmark printer drivers. The steps are exactly the same (they haven’t updated the drivers since ubuntu 12.04, except this time, we need the 64-bit drivers. Remember that when the Lexmark printer utility is looking for the printer over Ethernet, it takes about a minute to find it. Be patient. Also install the Scan driver for 64-bit Linux distributions with Debian-based packaging.

Install Gimp.

Install unity-tweak-tool to change UI settings. This is a separate application from System Settings.

In Appearance application, select the Behavior tab and show menus in the window’s title bar.

Install Digikam and Darktable. Change Digikam setting for Import, File Renaming Option to “INI-[date]-[file].[ext]”, where INI is your initials.

Install gallery-uploader.

Set the keyboard shortcuts for logging out.