Blank TTY on Ubuntu 14.04

Jennings, the new Lenovo PC has presented a few challenges. The most recent one is no display on the TTYs. Although the default interface is graphical, pressing CTL+ALT+F1 (or F2 through F6) will get you a text console. This is useful for quick operations or when something wonky happens with X. But doing so on Jennings presented a black screen with no video. I was curious to see if this was a display-only issue since Jennings has an NVidia card in it. I pressed CTL+ALT+F1 and entered my log-in, then top. I jumped back to the X session with CTL+ALT+F7 and entered ps aux. Sure enough, top was running. I went back to the TTY, killed top and logged out. Googling for “ubuntu 14.04 blank tty” turned up some advice that Grub may be using a graphical log in that’s incompatible with my video card. The cure is to edit /etc/default/grub as root, uncomment out the line GRUB_TERMINAL=console, then sudo update-grub and reboot.