Free Email Accounts

I have an email account that will be going away within a year. It supports large amounts of storage and IMAP. I’ve been looking for a replacement for it. First, I tried FastMail. This supports IMAP, but storage is only 10MB. After the first email with 4MB of family picnic photos, this limit proved much too small.

There’s been a lot of press about Gigabyte email accounts due to Google’s GMail. GMail isn’t publicly available yet, but some competetitors are. I signed up for a SpyMac account. This has web and POP3 access, but no IMAP, though a message on their site says it’s under development. In the meantime, I also checked out Walla. It’s a free Gigabyte account, but I couldn’t find out anything about access. After signing up, I found out it’s web only.