CUPS on Red Hat 9

Now that I’ve got the HP Photosmart 8450 connected to the network, it’s time to set up Flounder (the Thinkpad 2611-472) to print to it. There is no HPLIP RPM for Red Hat 9, so I downloaded the source code for version 0.9.8. Configure ran but complained that it “cannot find net-snmp support (or –disable-network-build)”. It was looking for snmp_timeout in the netsnmp library. I ran ar t /usr/lib/libnetsnmp.a | grep time and didn’t find it. Oddly, it’s not in the library on FC4 either. I tried the older version of HPLIP, 0.9.7, that was in the FC4 RPM. My hope was that it didn’t have this dependency, but it does. So I downloaded the Net-SNMP source. Configure asks a few questions about your set-up. I gave it all the defaults except for the administrative email address on that box.

The HPLIP configuration now works fine. After installing, running service hplip start failed with the error that it couldn’t find This library was in /usr/local/lib. I updated /etc/ to include this directory and ran ldconfig. Another service hplip start and service cups start and all’s well. See the prior post for setting up the rest.