Sickbeard Update for Synology Diskstation DS411+II

After having the DS411+II for over a year, I updated the DSM version. It was version 3.x and now it’s 4.x. The new version has better support for packages, sort of like the Google Play store. This is really nice, but I can’t use it because I’m in a limbo state right now, as I have a mix of old third party packages and source installs. These are all related to Sickbeard and SABnzbd. SAB is recognized by the package manager as installed, but Sickbeard isn’t because it’s a source install.
There’s a new third party package repository called Synocommunity that contains these packages. I added that repository, but don’t want to upgrade Sickbeard until I’m confident I can migrate my configuration without hosing it.
The version I have of Sickbeard is the alpha master from Github. For some months, it has had a bug that prevents it from updating. The first thing I need to do is fix that and get Sickbeard up to a recent version.
Step one: Find the Sickbeard installation. The Sickbeard installation page has a link to a Synology forum post that links to a manual Synology installation post.
I SSH’d into the NAS as admin and ran find / -type d | grep -i sickbeard. The source tree is in /volume1/opt/share/sickbeard. I changed to that directory and ran git status. This showed I have no changes in my local repository and should be able to update manually with git pull, so I did and I got “error: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied”. The file exists and is readable, but only writable by root. I logged back in as root and ran git pull, but git wasn’t found. I added /opt/bin to the PATH and ran the pull again. This time it connected to the remote repository, but failed because it couldn’t find tr, which is in /volume1/@appstore/baseutils/utils/bin. I added that to the PATH and reran. Now the pull worked. I restarted Sickbeard and it’s now fine and the version check works.