January 2008

Fedora 8 Printers

Setting up printers is a lot easier than it used to be. On the Fedora Gnome menu, System->Administration->Printing is all that was needed. The printer attached to the local parallel port was automatically detected. The networked HP Photosmart 8450 was easy too, provided I knew it was connected with AppSocket/HP JetDirect. All I had to enter was its host name, manufacturer and model.


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Fedora 8 on Athlon X2 64 Installation Notes

Downloaded the Fedora 8 x86_64 ISO DVD from Fedora Project and burned it. When I booted it I got isolinux Disk error 32 AX=42B5, drive 9F.
The cause was the ISO file didn’t download completely. It was 2GB (seems suspicious, eh?) when it should have been 3.6GB. Then I downloaded it via Bittorrent with Azureus and checked SHASUM with ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/binary/sha1sum.exe
C:> shasum Fedora-8-dvd-x86_64. Then it was OK.

Since this is a new machine, from the Fedora 8 install disk boot menu, I ran Memory test for an entire cycle.

Installation video was screwed up. The screen was too big for the monitor and I couldn’t see the right side. Switching from the auto-selected NVidia driver to the standard vesa driver fixed that. For installation, at the initial prompt to install or upgrade, press Tab and add “resolution=1280×1024 vesa” to the end of the line.

Partition Allocation
Vista on sda2 was originally the entire disk. I booted Vista and used Disk Management to shrink the partition.

Partitions on host Boon
Device Size Type File System Use
sda1 10.4GB primary ntfs recovery
sda2 163GB primary ntfs Vista
sda3 98.7MB primary ext3 F8 /boot
sda4 146GB extended
sda5 136GB logical LVM LVM
sdb1 107MB primary ext3 unused
sdb2 806MB primary linux-swap old swap
sdb3 29.8GB primary fat32 Old WinXP
sdb4 219GB extended
sdb5 43.0GB logical ext3 /mnt/xfer
sdb6 16.1GB logical ext3 /mnt/fc6root
sdb7 10.7GB logical ext3 /mnt/fc6home
sdb8 136GB logical lvm LVM
sdb9 3142MB logical linux-swap swap

Logical group LogGroup00 is composed of the two physical volumes on sda5 and sdb8. Within the logical group are two logical volumes:
/ 10GB on LogGroup00-LogVol00
/home 50GB on LogGroup00-LogVol01

Installation Settings
System clock not set to UTC since this machine dual boots with Vista. Turned on NTP and set “sync before service start”.

I had network delays using IPv6 with Fedora Core 6 (see earlier post). I don’t use any IPv6 so I turned it off in system-config-network General tab, uncheck “Enable IPv6 configuration for this interface”. Alternately, I could have used boot option noipv6, e.g. “linux noipv6”

SE linux policy set to enforcing (Targeted)

Gnome is the window manager by default.

Install software
From fedorafaq.org: install mplayer, flash, ntfs-3g, evince, alacarte, 64 bit flash and java, nvidia driver.

To Do
ssh from known IPs only
KDE: Settings -> Desktop Effects -> Compiz Fusion (vice kwin)


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