WiFi Plugin for GKrellM

On my RedHat 9 laptop, I’ve started using Fluxbox. I’m using GKrellM to monitor the system (CPU usage, disk space, available RAM, etc.) and wanted to use a WiFi monitor to see how good my connection is in different places. In KDE, I used kwirelessmonitor. GKrellM has a plugin for this, but compiling it caused the make file to complain that I didn’t have gtk+-2.0. There isn’t any such named package for RH9, but what did the trick was apt-get install gtk2-devel.

Then the make worked. From there, copying gkrellm-wifi.so to /usr/lib/gkrellm2/plugins and restarting gkrellm was all that was needed.

There’s another plugin, gkrellmwireless that displays noise level and bit rate, but not as a graph. I use that only for the bit rate, which gkrellm-wifi doesn’t show.