Adding TTF fonts to the X Server

Today’s project is to create a mock Guinness Stout label for a gluten-free stout I brewed for a friend. I soaked a label off a bottle, scanned it and brought up GIMP to change “Guinness” to “Glutenless”. There wasn’t a font on my system that looked close enough to the original, so I went looking for one on the web. I found a Guinness font and installed it on RedHat 9.

The editing consisted of copying a region of the yellow background and pasting it over the word Guinness. Then I created a new layer and put the word Glutenless on it with the new font. I used the “Rotation, Scaling, Shearing, Perspective” tool to scale the text to the right size. After a sample print, I saved it to TIFF. The original image is 1572×1920 at 600dpi. To save paper, I ran convert -size 4716x5760 tile:glutenless-stout-label.tif glutenless-stout-page.tif to make a printable sheet of nine labels.