Ubuntu 9.04 Upgrade

Against my own advice, I upgraded Pinto, the Thinkpad T60, from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 using the Update Manager. To my surprise, it worked fine. Only minor things broke. One was the ctrl-alt-del function was changed to a shutdown dialog with no log out button. The other was the on-screen display of the volume control buttons.

To get back my log out button, I ran System/Preferences/Keyboard Shortcuts. Under Desktop, I disabled “Log Out” (which doesn’t). I pressed Add to create a custom shortcut called “Log Off” and gave it the command gnome-session-save --logout-dialog and bound that to ctrl-alt-delete.

To fix the Thinkpad volume key display, I found these ubuntu forum instructions. After much reading I installed and built the bwalex source, which will work until the Ubuntu bug report is resolved. After compiling, I ran System/Preferences/Startup Applications and added notify.