Upgrading Verizon Galaxy Nexus from CyanogenMod 10 to 10.1

Note, this isn’t the most direct way to update, it’s only the path I followed.

  1. Start ROM Manager
  2. Boot into recovery
  3. Select Backup and Restore, then Backup
  4. Copy the backup to your computer
  5. Download a CyanogenMod 10.1 M release (I used M3)
  6. Run adb push cm-10.1-20130411-EXPERIMENTAL-toro-M3.zip /sdcard/.
  7. On the phone, select “wipe cache”
  8. On the phone, select “install zip from sdcard”, “choose zip from sdcard”, select update.zip above.
  9. Reboot. Don’t freak out when your WiFi or Mobile connection indicators don’t turn blue. Until the Google apps are updated below, your phone won’t be able to connect to the Google servers.
  10. Check your mobile network setting (I didn’t need to change this.)
  11. Fix the clock
  12. Download the updated Google applications
  13. Reboot into recovery
  14. Run adb push gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip /sdcard/0/. (Note the path is different for Android 4.2!)
  15. Load with “install zip from sdcard” as above
  16. Wipe the cache
  17. Reboot. Until you reinstall Gmail and Sound Search, you’ll get occasional messages they’ve crashed. That’s OK.
  18. Sign in to Google. If you have 2-step authentication enabled, enter an application specific password.
  19. Using Google Play, uninstall and reinstall Gmail and Sound Search. Although I didn’t see this documented, I also had to reinstall Amazon Mobile, Chrome, Google Play Music, Google Voice, ROM Manager and YouTube. I ended up going through the apps list one by one to check everything.

The whole process took about three hours including the usual household interruptions and a 45 minute wait to download GApps.