Pinto Post-Installation Check Out

Now that Ubuntu 12.04.1 is installed, there are a few things to check out:

Grub boots into the old operating system and it still works.
I had to change the default in menu.lst, but that was expected.
Windows installation still works
I have NTFS on /dev/sda1, but it’s not in the Grub configuration, nor the last configuration from March 2012.  It was in a copy from January 2, 2012, so I put it back.  It still works, but, dang, is it slow!  No wonder I didn’t miss it.
Works (see Fingerprint reader).
See separate post about hibernation.
Shutting the lid suspends the laptop
Fingerprint reader
Partially worked. I’ll post an investigation separately.
Wireless networking
No issues.
It seems fine, except the icon on the status bar is all white, like it’s an inverse shadow.
Ctrl-Alt-Delete brings up log off dialog
Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn’t do anything. Fixing this required changing my keyboard shortcuts in the keyboard app.

Some other notes:

  • The system was pretty sluggish and the hard drive was active. Running top showed tracker processes running. These are search indexers. I turned them off with Search and Indexing Preferences. I turned off everything on the Indexing tab. A restart was required. The system is quicker now, but swaps to disk more often. I checked memory usage between 12.04 and 10.04 and there was a significant difference:
    In graphical mode, logged in via tty: 10.04=276MB 12.04=307MB
    In graphical mode, logged in to X: 10.04=667MB 12.04=787MB
    To try to deal with swapping, I installed zram-config. This seems to have helped.
  • Emacs was missing–I installed it with the Ubuntu Software Center along with an add-on to keep the Emacs cut buffer in sync with the system clipboard.
  • Shutting down no longer has that minutes-long delay.