BackupPC Can’t find Compress::Zlib

Automatic updates had not been applied for a while on my desktop machine due to package incompatibilities. (Why isn’t this listed in the Logwatch email?) After manually installing most of them, BackupPC started failing with the subject error. Tried advice to install these Perl packages:

  • perl-IO-String
  • perl-IO-Zlib
  • perl-Archive-Zip
  • perl-Archive-Tar
  • perl-Compress-Zlib

This didn’t work.

Tried yum install perl-Compress-Bzip2 and setting $Conf{CompressLevel} = 0; (no compression) in /etc/BackupPC/ It worked, but since I broke the rule of testing one variable at a time, I didn’t know which one fixed the error. So I put the compress level back to three and retarted backuppc. It failed.