How to Decide Which Pictures get Posted

As I mentioned, I took about 1,200 photos in Israel. Since these are family vacation photographs, I collaborate with my wife to decide which ones get posted to Gallery on Family Tidings. 1,200 photographs is a lot of decisions. Luckily, Gallery has some tools to help.

First, I create an album for the pictures and make it hidden. Then I take all the candidate photos and upload them to the album. At this point, I can log in and rate them from one to five stars. My wife does the same from her account. After this is done, I keep the ones that have at least three stars. To do this, create an album called “extras” under the subject album. Mark it hidden on the General tab and exclude it from display in the image block on the Album tab. Edit the subject album and change the sort order to “rating”, descending. Back in the album, find the first photograph rated two or lower and from its menu, select “Move photo”. Select all the photographs after that, but make sure you don’t include the new “extras” album. For the Destination, choose the “extras” album under the subject album and select “move”. Select the subject album, choose Edit Album and set the sort order back to “default” and remove the hidden attribute.