NVidia Drivers

About a month ago or so, I got a kernel update to It complained that the kmod-nvidia package was required but not there. This has happened in the past, as the NVidia package lags behind kernel releases by a few days. Except this one never came. Running the new kernel without kmod-nvidia caused the NVidia X driver to fail to load and messed up my screen. The XOrg NV driver doesn’t work right either–my screen is about twice as tall as my monitor. So I went to the Vesa driver, which works, but doesn’t have as many features. This affects resizing the MPlayer window, but nothing else. I used to have kmod-nvidia-. It looks like now I might need kmod-nvidia-173.*

yum install kmod-nvidia.x86_64
kmod-nvidia- x86_64 173.14.12-2.lvn8 livna 2.6 M
xorg-x11-drv-nvidia x86_64 173.14.12-1.lvn8 livna 3.2 M
xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs x86_64 173.14.12-1.lvn8 livna 5.7 M

[update] Still haven’t resolved this–went back to the older kernel in the meantime.