Fedora 9 Upgrade Continued

Some funny stuff–networking in F9 is turned off this morning. Odd. ChkConfig has it off in all levels. Is this a new Network Manager thing in F9? I resisted my urge to fix it until I’m done the F9 upgrade. Running service network start is good enough for now.

To restore the home directories:

# cd /home
# cp -a /mnt/fedora8home/user .

I had to make some judgement calls about what to overwrite. If i hadn’t messed with the file in question, I didn’t overwrite it. Some files I wasn’t sure about and looked at the old and new ones to decide.

Back in my user account, the first thing missing is GKrellM. I can’t live without this, especially because Boon has no disk access light on the case. From the menu System, Administration, Add/Remove Software, I searched for krell, picked the package and chose Apply. It told me it couldn’t install sofware while offline. I also have a NetworkManager applet on my Gnome Panel with an “X” on it. But running yum install gkrellm works fine.