Upgrading Jennings to Ubuntu 16.04 from 14.04

Jennings is a Lenovo K450E with an NVidia GTX 750 graphics card.

During the upgrade, two files were flagged as modified from the installed versions.  One was for Cups, the other for XSane.  Both of these changes were for a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 all-in-one printer using the legacy-1 driver.  The changes looked like the older versions might not work with the new software.  Since I have documented here what was required to get the Lexmark working, I chose the new files.  After the upgrade, I’ll need to check that printing and scanning still work and reapply the fixes if necessary.  (Printing left files sitting in the queue forever–reinstalling the printer drivers fixed the problem.)

The NVidia graphics card was not supported when I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and it’s still not supported with Ubuntu 16.04.  After the upgrade was finished, a reboot was required.  The graphical log-in screen never came up.  The fix for the driver issue is to replace the default nvidia drivers with nvidia-364:

  1. Log in to your account in the TTY
  2. sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*
  3. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
  4. sudo apt-get update
  5. sudo apt-get install nvidia-364
  6. Reboot

One other issue I had was that KeePass 0.4 is no longer included with the Ubuntu distribution.  I’m currently using a version 1 database because a few years ago it was the only version supported on all my devices (Ubuntu, Android and Windows).  KeePassX 2 can import the version 1 database used by KeePassX 0.4, but it’s a one-way upgrade.  My options are to upgrade on all my devices and switch to the version 2 database or manually install KeePassX 0.4.