CyanogenMod 13 Update 20160816 on Nexus 5

A snapshot update became available for my Nexus 5 this week. Here’s how to perform the upgrade:

  1. On the phone in Settings > About Phone > Updates, remove any old updates you don’t need
  2. Download the update to the phone
  3. Back up the current ROM
    1. Make sure Privacy Guard is disabled for ROM Manager–if it’s not, the backup operation will just reboot the phone
    2. Make sure there’s enough space on the phone for a backup–backups need about 7 GB
    3. Perform a backup with ROM Manager
      1. It will show the path of the backup, in this case /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/06c2deb6006b0cb2
      2. When asked for the name of the backup, whatever you name it will end up as a directory in the path above
    4. After the backup, the phone will reboot
    5. Save the backup to computer with sudo adb pull /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/06c2deb6006b0cb2
  4. Under Settings > About Phone > Updates, select the phone icon to the right of the downloaded update and choose “update”
  5. TWRP will install the update and reboot the phone
  6. Android will update all the apps–no GApps update is required for updates of the same CyanogenMod version