Nexus 5 Lineage Full Update Procedure

This procedure is for major updates such as moving to Lineage from CyanogenMod.

  1. Back up Tasker to internal storage (menu > data > backup)
  2. Perform a Titanium backup to save new user+system apps and newer versions system data
  3. Optional: Delete old back up from phone if space needed.
  4. Back up current ROM with ROM Manager
  5. Save back up in /sdcard/TWRP/BACKUPS/06c2deb6006b0cb2 to NAS
  6. Download Lineage and OpenGapps TGZ files and push to /sdcard
  7. Wipe all except internal storage
  8. Restore from cloud (Google)
  9. Sign in to all Google accounts
  10. Check mail
  11. Check Trello
  12. Sign in to Google Voice with phone native number
  13. Restore Tasker from Titanium backup

Notes:  Titanium backup failed because I started it before installing the (see Lineage OS root instructions). Fix is to install supersu, developer options > apps and adb, force stop titanium and restart titanium. Then Android asks if it should have root access.