Amarok Transcogg

I just noticed there’s a run button on the script manager in Amarok. I selected Transcogg and pressed run. It popped up a message saying it needs mp3gain. OK done. Then it wanted mpg123. This wasn’t available in the Add/Remove Software program. There was a mpg321 though. The homepage of mpg321 says it’s a free replacement for mpg123. OK, I loaded that. I stopped and reran Transcogg–no pop-ups. Upon transfer the status line at the bottom of Amarok says not playable on device. The firmware for the Fuze supporting OGG is less than a week old–maybe there’s a configuration for the Fuze that’s telling Amarok that it only plays MP3s. Something else was different this time. I plugged in the Fuze and Amarok connected automatically instead of me having to hit the Connect button. In the configuration for the device, now the transcode before transferring to device option was enabled, so I checked it. I clicked transfer and whattaya know, it worked!