Upgrading Jennings from Ubuntu 16.04 to 20.04

Jennings has been running Ubuntu 18.04 for a while in partition /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root2. Rather than upgrade it to 20.04, I thought I’d upgrade the older Ubuntu 16.04 installation in partition /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root. Here’s what needed to change:

Change from Dropbox to pCloud

This is as simple as installing from pcloud.com and setting up a sync from ~/pcloud-sync to Applications/Keepass2Android.

Upgrade Keepass

Since upgrading to Keepass 2 (the .kdbx format), I don’t have to keep locking KeepassX to an old 1.x version. Unlock the version of KeepassX, delete it and install KeepassXC. Add the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A for autotype.

DS411+II NAS Mounts

A new router has been installed since Ubuntu 16.04 was running. The old router would create DNS entries for each client based on their host name, so ds411p2 was valid. The new one, a Comcast XB6, doesn’t do that. The hosts are reachable through .local names, so the NAS needs to be referenced as ds411p2.local now. This fix was made in /etc/fstab, as well as the fix to mount CIFS with the mount option vers=1.0 (because the NAS is old and doesn’t support the newer default version).

Fix Darktable Configuration

The files in ~/.config/darktable were from whatever version of Darktable was available in the Ubuntu 16 repositories and the current version, 3.0.1, didn’t like them. Replacing that directory tree with the one from the Ubuntu 18 installation fixed the problem.

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP m477 Fdn Scanning

(Read through this whole section before doing anything, because it contains steps that didn’t work.)

This printer is an all-in-one and it works out of the box, except for scanning. For that, a proprietary plugin must be installed:


Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t install on Ubuntu 20. hp-setup was an old version. It wasn’t upgraded because it wasn’t installed from the hplip package. To fix, find the old installation (it was 3.18.5) and run sudo make uninstall from there.

Then reinstall hplip:

sudo apt remove hplip
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt install hplip hplip-gui

That failed, so I removed those packages and downloaded hplip from https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/gethplip and installed using defaults, but python-pyqt5 and python-dbus.mainloop.pyqt5 failed.

GUI installation doesn’t work on Ubuntu 20 yet, so I ran again, selecting all defaults except:

  • installation mode=custom
  • Graphical User Interfaces (Qt5)=no
  • Restart or re-plug in your printer=ignore (since my printer is connected via network)

Then run hp-plugin (as myself, it uses sudo) and accept defaults.

Now the scanner works with xsane.