Camcorder Capture in Fedora 9

It’s been a few years since I captured video from my camcorder. Since then, there have been multiple OS upgrades and a hardware change. Of course, it didn’t work anymore. I installed kino, dvgrab and transcode. Kino couldn’t find the device. The FAQs on the net seem be pretty old. The system log /var/log/messages shows the computer sees the camera when it’s connected via FireWire, but running dvgrab returned Error: no camera exists. I tried it as root and it worked. So did Kino. I found a bug report about permissions of /dev/fw1. Oh, Kino says “WARNING: raw1394 kernel module not loaded or failure to read/write /dev/raw1394!”. That could be a clue. 😉 /dev/raw1394 is writeable by root or the group disk. I added myself to that group. Still no joy. It’s now almost time to put the kids to bed, so I’m gonna punt and capture as root. (Don’t tell anyone.)