File System Backup to DVD

I’ve been backing up my file systems to Travan TR-4 tape with a Seagate TapeStor SCSI unit for a few years now. Last week I was running low on tapes and a Froogle for them returned prices from $20 – $30 each! Given that these tapes hold 4 GB uncompressed and DVDs hold 4.7 GB, and media are a couple bucks at most, it was time to retire the tape drive.

So I started to look for a program that would back up to DVD. My first try was scdbackup. The system backup worked just fine. Then I tried to create a level 0 back up (to allow incremental back ups) using sdvdbackup_sys -conf_dir /root/backup_system -level -create_configuration. This hung during generating -content_list_adr. After running some tests creating a level 0 back up, it seems that scdbackup will fail collision detection if it is given an empty directory (such as /opt) to back up and it hangs during creation of content_list_adr if told to back up /dev.