Thinkpad T60 Fingerprint Reader

I tried enabling the fingerprint reader on Ubuntu 10.04. The first step was to check out the directions on the Ubuntu Wiki. The packages were already available through Synaptic (search for thinkfinger and install libpam-thinkfinger, thinkfinger-tools, libthinkfinger-doc and libthinkfinger0). The command line fingerprint test worked fine.
Running sudo /usr/lib/pam-thinkfinger/pam-thinkfinger-enable didn’t allow use of fingerprint reader on login screen.
The man page for pam_thinkfinger(8) had a check for the fingerprint reader device. It wasn’t there. After a sudo modprobe uinput, it was at /dev/uinput. Then the log in screen said password or swipe finger (you still have to select your username first). There’s an outstanding bug that causes you to have to hit enter after swiping your finger.
More stuff on ThinkWiki to check later.