More Android Development

In Eclipse, there are tools available to make using version control and code coverage easy.  These are the ones I’m using.

For version control:  EGit.  This is an Eclipse plug-in for Git.  In Eclipse from the menu, Help -> Install New Software.  Click Add.  Enter EGit for the Name and use the Main Site URL from the EGit site for the Location.  Click OK.  Make sure “Work With” is set to EGit.  Select EGit (it will pick up JGit automatically).  From there, follow the EGit tutorial to set up your repository.

To validate your tests cover all your source code:  EclEmma.  This is an Eclipse plug-in for Emma.  Follow the instructions above for EGit, but enter as the URL.  Instructions for use are on the EclEmma site.  It’s dead simple.  Note EclEmma doesn’t work with the Android JUnit tests, just JUnit.