Canon Pixma MP970 on Ubuntu

The Canon Pixma Linux blog recommends a printer driver from Canon Asia. The debian package wouldn’t install, so I built from source. The top level directory has a Make file that, while not working itself, listed the subdirectories to be built. In each subdirectory, there was an INSTALL file that listed how each was to be built.
Then I restarted the printer service
service cups restart
and ran System > Administration > Printing, clicked Add, selected Network Printer and chose AppSocket/HP JetDirect. I entered the IP of the printer and left the port at its default of 9100. The IP can be found on the printer’s menu under Settings > Device Settings > LAN Settings > Display LAN Settings.

Unfortunately, the Pixma MP970 wasn’t listed. The closest model number was the MP830.

Another search turned up a newer driver, so I tried that by following the instructions in the README file. After the installation, I ran System > Administration > Printing, clicked Add, then the + next to Network Printer and then Find Network Printer and the Canon showed up. I selected it (it already had the URI) and clicked Forward. It searched for drivers, then had me choose a driver, but still no MP970. The MP150 will print greyscale supposedly (I got grey, magenta and yellow).