Intel 3945ABG Wireless on Thinkpad T60

The integrated wireless doesn’t work out of the box. Jim Hall’s instructions worked to fix that. There’s information on other useful stuff there. Don’t miss the link to Fedora Core 5 Tips and Tricks.

There were only two (bonehead) problems I had. The first is, you have to turn the wireless radio on with the switch on the left side of the front edge of the laptop base. My Thinkpad shipped with it off. Second, wireless won’t connect unless you manage to enter the correct SSID. Here are some other loose ends not mentioned in the instructions:

After you get the ipw3945d driver running, use system-config-network to edit the network security settings. Click on the device tab, then edit. Check “activate device when computer starts” and DHCP if you have it. Under wireless settings, enter your SSID and security key. Save the configuration and click activate.

If you use Jim’s wireless init script, put it in /etc/init.d and add execute permissions with chmod a+x /etc/init.d/wireless. Make sure it gets run at start up by running chkconfig --add wireless.