Motherboard Replacement

Boon croaked a few weeks ago. Turned out the motherboard went bad. (Note to self: don’t buy refurbished electronics on eBay.) Replacing it was surprisingly easy once I figured out which one to buy–the original isn’t made anymore and Gateway doesn’t stock replacements. I got wrapped around the axle about the ports on the back of the PC. I tried to find a micro-ATX board that had the same ports in the same places so they’d line up with the cut-outs on my PC case. When the motherboard arrived, it had a new cut-out panel. I just popped out the old one and popped in the new one. Live and learn.

Once the board was installed, everything worked except the fan was really loud. In BIOS, there’s a setting for smart fan control, which means the hotter the computer, the faster the fan goes. This quieted things down.

Then my BackupPC machine, Mothball, failed to make a backup. The first problem was, even though the motherboard is almost the same, the MAC of the built-in ethernet is necessarily different. Linux renamed the old configuration eth0.bak and assigned the new NIC eth2. This caused two problems. The first was, the configuration for the NIC was now set to defaults, so the manually assigned IP address was now a dynamically assigned address. I reset that, then BackupPC could ping the host using the IP I had given it. Then the backup failed with the message unable to read 4 bytes. I’d seen this before and remembered I wrote about the fix in this blog. Or so I thought. But the SSH key for Mothball didn’t change. So I tried to SSH into Boon from Mothball as BackupPC would. It just sat there. Then I realized it was a firewall issue. My firewall script on Boon had rules for eth0, but not eth2. Updating the script and running service iptables save took care of the problem.