Sansa Fuze Podcasts

I’m late to the MP3 player game. I have a Sandisk Sansa Fuze. Podcasts are downloaded and synchronized with gPodder. The player is set in the File/Preferences menu selection under the Player tab. The type of device is Filesystem-based MP3 player and sync to folder is set to /media/SANSA FUZE/PODCASTS. The player mounts to /media/SANSA FUZE automatically. Under Synchronization Options, Custom filename is set to {episode.title}-{episode.basename}-{episode.published} and Create a subfolder for each channel is checked.

The ID3 tabs in the MP3 files downloaded vary pretty widely. Any file missing the album tag gets shown in the unknown folder on the player. I’m currently editing them with EasyTag, Audio Tag Tool and Kid3, but I’d like to have gPodder run a script after download that let’s me fix the tags myself. Yet another project.

The fuze will show album art if it’s named folder.jpg. This works in both the MUSIC and PODCASTS folders. The art will be shown from the same directory as the MP3 being played. The JPEG can’t be too large or the Fuze will show it as a black box. The Fuze’s screen is 220×176 pixels, so making a the image larger than that is a waste. Roughly larger than 300×300 won’t show at all.