Preserving Closed Captions

Extract closed captions from your edited video:
$ ccextractor -srt edited-video.mpg
This will create a text file called that contains the captions.

Create the spumux configuration file (in this case called spumux.xml):

<textsub filename="" characterset="ISO8859-1"
fontsize="24.0" font="arial.ttf" horizontal-alignment="left"
vertical-alignment="bottom" left-margin="60" right-margin="60"
top-margin="20" bottom-margin="30" subtitle-fps="29.97"
movie-fps="29.97" movie-width="720" movie-height="472"

This file is for NTSC. The defaults in the spumux man page are for PAL.

Convert edited-video.mpg to DVD format (See my other posts) called edited-video.vob.

Insert closed captions as subtitles:
$ spumux spumux.xml < edited-video.vob > edited-video-with-subs.vob

Test with mplayer dvd:// -dvd-device dvd -sid 0