Amanda Backup

Currently, I use Bacula to back up my main Linux box. The problem is that it’s designed to work over a network and I’m only using it on one PC, so if that box goes down, I have to restore the file system and Bacula before I can restore. It’s the restoration of Bacula that worries me. It took me a long time to set it up and I’m worried that I might not be able to get it set up right for a restore. And Bacula’s backup files can’t be restored without Bacula. So I went looking for another solution.

I thought Amanda would work. It backs up to a format that can be restored with tar. The problem was, despite tutorials, I had trouble getting that to work too. It complained about the backup being too big to fit the virtual tapes (my target is DVDs, so the backup is to hard disk first). After I got that straightened out, I did a restore test. The root and boot partitions were fine, but the home parition was missing files. I checked the amrestore output and found that tar complained about bad files. The funny thing was, I could tar and restore the home partition manually and it was fine. What good is a backup you can’t restore? Right.